Linda Huck landed this 25 pound King Salmon.  Janet and Dan Bolton with a 15 pound Coho ( Silver) Salmon, and Hugh Sieck with a nice 15 pound Coho ( Silver ) Salmon.  Great Job Guys.  
This summers weather has been great. We were due for a storm to move in and on Friday the weather front moved in through our area.  Some of the areas we like to fish we could not get to but we still had a great time fishing.  Kings were in along with Coho's.

Craig Forester brought in a 25 pound rock fish, Tom Schlichter 20 pound rockfish, Frank Sparling a 24 pound, and Ed Ott a 22 pound rock fish.  Art Bowman landed a nice 25 pound King Salmon.
Bill Kelly brought in this 26 pound rockfish, Bob Ferra matched it at 22 pounds, Rich Choko 20 pounds, and Vic Rosa came in at 19 pound.  John Weber brought in this 25 pound King Salmon.  
Ben Moos catching a nice fish  on the fly up the river.  Pat Enyart 24 pound rock fish, Howie Rosen 22 pound rock fish, Bill Bushnell 21 pound rock fish.  John Davis caught a nice 26 pound King Salmon.  Ray Barth a 21 pound rock fish, Mark Anderson caught a 103 pound halibut, Dillon Drain 100 pound halibut.  Mark Anderson and Dale Willey with the days catch. 
John Short brought in this 27 pound King Salmon.  Many salmon were caught today but in the 16-22 pound range.

Fun Day



Peg Nichols gets to go fishing for a day with Mike and shows off a few fish they got to catch.......GREAT JOB

A great day.  Cathy McKoy brought in a 102 pound halibut and Jim McKoy brought in a 100 pound butt.  The Osprey crew with a few of the big fish.  Osprey worthy?????  Tyler Johnston holds up high the 25 pound King Salmon caught by John Hofferd in the next picture.  Lots of King Salmon caught along with Coho's.  The King run is strong but the size is averaging 18 to 22 pounds.  
Brandi Thormahlen lands a 33 pound King Salmon today.  Steve Kull and Bill Scotti bring in some nice rockfish weighing in at 18 pounds each.

Partly sunny day, warm, and flat water.  GREAT DAY.  Here's Brandi with 1st mate Cash Nichols holding her 33 pound King Salmon.  
Bill Scotti 18 lbs. rockfish
BIG BUTT TIME.  302 pounds caught by Mark Kaminski.  GREAT JOB.  Some nice salmon brought in by Bob & Kate Schwarzler weighing in at 30 pounds.   Ron Kaminski brought in a 114 pound halibut and Don Knox brought in a 124 pound halibut.  
Mark Kamnski brought in a 118 pound halibut.  RON SJURSEN LANDED A 292 POUND BUTT.  LOTS OF FISH AND CHIPS.  Kate Schwarzler brings in a nice 25 pound King Salmon. 
Captain Mike Nichols along with his son Cash Nichols ( first mate) here with the 292 pound halibut.